My Story

My introduction to Scentsy came from a visit to Hawaii. I had gone to a woman's home and as soon as I walked in the door I said, oh wow, what is that smell?? It smells amazing in here. She asked if I had ever heard of Scentsy before and when I shrugged and said no, she pulled out her scent samples and introduced me to the world of Scentsy. I was hooked immediatly. I too wanted to sell this amazing product, but unfortunatley it was only available in the USA at that time. So when I was looking at the online catalogue and saw that they were opening sales into Canada, I was beyond excited. I couldn't wait to bring Scentsy to everyone I know, because I knew that you too will love this product and be hooked! I signed up to be a Consultant the moment it opened its doors to Canada on October 1, 2009 and now one year later I have become a Scentsy Director with an amazing team of girls with me!! This is truly the best investment I have made in myself and love that I can stay at home with my children and support myself and have a ton of fun while doing it all!! It gives me the freedom to choose my hours and get out and meet tons of new and interesting people and share the love of Scentsy! Check out my site and go through the catalogue and please feel free to ask any questions.Welcome to the world of Scentsy!! <!--endbody-->